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My name is Elana.
I’m an advocate.
A mom.
An organizer.
A small business owner.

Your neighbor.

Run for Something


Northwest Oregon Labor Council




Voters of Tomorrow


Columbia Pacific Building and Construction Trades Council


Greenlit as a gun sense candidate

Hi, I’m Elana Pirtle-Guiney.


I am an organizer and an advocate. I’ve spent most of my career fighting for economic justice. I believe full-time work should pay a living wage and access to a great education and a good job shouldn’t depend on your zip code. I believe in the power of convening – the hands-on work of bringing folks together to identify problems and find the right solutions.   


I’m running for City Council because when I step out my front door every morning to walk my kid to the bus stop, I see two Portlands:


The resilience of a local business that set up shop in an empty building, covered it with murals, and enlivened a vacant corner … and the empty lot you can see from their front door, undeveloped because the owner demolished a single-family home, thinking he’d get a better offer.

The dead-end street where cars drove through the sidewalk, creating a safety hazard for bicyclists, pedestrians, and neighborhood kids … and the planters and picnic table neighbors placed there to create a safe sidewalk and community space, right beside a new building with 29 affordable housing units.

The crosswalk button pierced by a stray bullet, one of many that intersection has seen … and the neighbors who organize trash cleanups, block parties, and community-building events to make our neighborhood cleaner and safer. 

I believe Portland can be a great place to raise our kids. It can be a city of opportunity – for all of us. But only if we put the work in. We get there by looking forward, rolling up our sleeves, and building something we can all believe in.

My name is Elana. I’m an advocate. A mom. An organizer. A small business owner. Your neighbor.


I’m running for City Council to build that Portland, and I want to hear from you.

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