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About Portland's New City Council

In 2022 Portland’s voters passed a sweeping Charter Reform that is still being implemented. The reforms include the creation of a new City Council with representative Districts and Councilors who are elected through ranked-choice voting. This election, in November 2024, will be the first where you get to elect a more representative City Council. 

We need to elect Councilors who can fulfill the promise of this new system:  

  • By engaging all of you, our constituents, so we can represent our communities in a meaningful way, 

  • By helping to create Portland’s first truly legislative body – that means electing Councilors who you trust to continue to build this government, and

  • By addressing the many challenges Portland is facing through good policy and a values-driven budget. 

I hope you ask me, and every candidate for City Council, how we plan to do all three of these things.

When you get your ballot in the mail this October, you will receive both your regular general election ballot, which you’ve seen before, and a supplemental ballot to vote for City of Portland seats. We need your vote on this supplemental ballot. Please don’t throw it out!

When you vote, you’ll want to fill out the grid with one candidate for each ranking, choosing one first-choice person, one second-choice person, one third-choice person, and so on.

The City of Portland has some good examples with pictures of what to do and not to do here.

There are some good FAQs here.

And the League of Women Voters have a great visual of what you should do, and how votes are counted, here.

The bottom line is this:


  • Please vote!

  • Only vote for one candidate for each rank (first choice, second choice, third choice)

  • Only vote for a candidate once

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